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Curving the future in design with Profile Curving
If it's metal profiles or aluminium extrusions we can curve them

About Us

Profile Curvers offers a delivery service to our local powder coaters. When required, quotes can include prices for powder coating as well as for curving.

We export to Australia and the Pacific Islands, as well as supplying the local New Zealand market.

Exciting Projects...

Britomart Project - Profile Curvers produced the unique curved sections for the lobby ceiling.

Uni-Lodge - Curved profiles for a 17-level elliptical building in Anzac Ave., which involved extrusions of up to 8.1 metre long with 4 radii blended in.


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C u r v i n g   t h e   f u t u r e   i n   d e s i g n

Metal Profile & Extrusion Curving
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